Why the Change?

Our new name better fits who we are today. We think you'll agree.

Our Story


Founded as the mission agency for the Great Commission Association of Churches. 
GCM is created to solve a challenge: how do you plant churches to reach students with the gospel? With help from Campus Crusade for Christ, we launch our first missionary support class for campus church planters.

Growth and Leadership

GCM becomes best known as a leadership network of campus ministries and churches. While we continue missionary support services, we also host large conferences for young leaders and more.


As the Great Commission movement matures, it spins off multiple independent church leadership groups with various callings. God leads our board of directors to choose a clear focus: missionary mobilization. GCM begins a new chapter offering our experience in mission services to like-minded, gospel-centered groups in the evangelical world. GCM is no longer a single-association agency.


2013 marks a move to a new Orlando office and training center and is at the same time our largest missionary training year on record. 2014 finds us at 450 missionaries from 246 in 2007. We see six straight years of record growth in financial giving.


What's New

We don't just do campus

We partner with many networks, not just one.

Though we were started twenty-five years ago under the Great Commission movement, our expanded mission is to serve like-minded groups wherever they are. As Reliant, we still serve groups that spun off from our roots, but with an independent board and a heart to partner, our new name better communicates who we are today.


We do more than just campus ministry.

GCM was known for campus ministry, but today we do much more. We serve missionaries who bring the gospel in run-down neighborhoods, who plant churches in living rooms, who wash feet in India. We still love campus missionaries (supporting lots of them! ), yet we are broadly engaged, helping churches and nonprofits of all kinds mobilize new support-based agents for mission.

We serve churches

We serve churches, not lead them.

GCM was launched to be a service agency and not a church or denomination. Yet for years the name "GCM" wasn't well distinguished from "GCM Church." How confusing! Today it's clear: our ministry partners lead their churches in doctrine and ministry practice, while Reliant mobilizes missionaries.

What's The Same

Our commitment to the gospel of Jesus Christour commitment to partnership with local ministries, our commitment to missionary support and donor accountability—these things are unchanged. In fact, we think our change from Great Commission Ministries to Reliant will give us more focus than ever on our role in the Great Commission.