We are financial supporters. Do we need to redirect our giving?

Most donors will not need to make any changes to their giving. All regular (recurring) gifts that transfer via our LifeLink automatic giving program will continue with no changes necessary. This includes those who give via either credit card or bank account direct debit.

Those who give by check or who use their bank's own billpay system to send gifts will need to change the addressee from GCM to Reliant Mission by July 31, 2015. The mailing address (11002 Lake Hart Dr, Ste 100 Orlando, FL 32832), ministry fund number and donor account number will remain exactly the same.

We are incredibly grateful for those who give. All ministry donors will receive a special report in May 2015 to confirm the coming changes.

Who made the decision to change the name of the organization?

The GCM board of directors led the decision. The change came after several years filled with prayer and deliberation, outside consulting and gathering insight from our own missionaries, and careful assessment by our leadership team. Our leadership is confident and excited about the future.

Have you changed any of your doctrinal beliefs?

No. We remain absolutely committed to the Gospel and Jesus' Great Commission to "make disciples of all nations" as he instructs in Matthew 28:18-20. We love the name Reliant because it emphasizes our dependence on God as we step out to follow His mission.

What is Reliant Mission?

Reliant Mission, Inc will be our new formal name. We'll usually just go by Reliant.

Will you maintain your accountability?

Absolutely. We remain a committed member of the Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability (since 1992), the National Association of Evangelicals, the World Evangelical Association, and Missio Nexus.

What does Reliant mean?

Reliant sounds like "reliable"—and we certainly strive to be that, but that's not why we chose our name. Reliant has a direction to it—what are we reliant on ? For many in the world today, it may be reliant on money or even "self-reliant." But we ultimately know WHO we are reliant on: Jesus Christ. To be Reliant is to be dependent, and this is the essence of stepping out in faith. For us, Reliant describes the posture of our missionaries, ourselves, and the generous Christians who give to support the work. The Great Commission of Jesus to make disciples of all nations is the ultimate Reliant Mission.

Are you still related to Great Commission movement of churches?

Yes, we remain friends with many of the groups we share a history with, though we are not governed by them or vice versa. The Great Commission name has a shared history that has grown into a number of independently operated ministries. GCM—now Reliant—was one of those independently governed groups. We believe our new name, Reliant, gives us a new opportunity to explain our role as a non-denominational mission organization serving liked-minded evangelical networks in the wider body of Christ. We do retain affiliation with the Collegiate Church Network—another independent network with shared origins in the Great Commission name—as an "integrated auxiliary." This is a nonprofit designation that allows us certain protections under the law that are beneficial for our religious mission and purpose (for instance, using Christian doctrinal beliefs in our missionary hiring criteria).

Are you still receiving funds for the missionary we send gifts for?

Yes! As Reliant, we still support every missionary we have supported as GCM. Our name change has no effect on the daily ministry of the missionaries we care for.

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